Rachael C. – “I suppose my favorites right now are the Tranquil roll-on and Peace and Calming. I sometimes have difficulty sleeping at night and by adding Peace and Calming to my diffuser and applying the Tranquil roll-on to my feet I feel more relaxed and can unwind. I feel that this nighttime ritual helps me obtain a more restful sleep. Who couldn’t use a better night’s rest?”

Sonja K. – “I started my Young Living journey sitting next to you (LeeYen) in our yoga class and smelling you… I was not aware before I met you how much I can get affected by a pure good smell. In the beginning I did not want to become a member or buying any kind of “kit” and get free things, I just wanted to get this good smelling oil and I was also hoping for the scents to help curb my cravings. Till now I have bought so many oils, became a member and really enjoy the benefits of very informative mails and support on Facebook or in the 101 talks.”

Julia H. – “I love Peppermint Essential Oil and use it daily on my sensitive tummy which tends to bloat after eating. I rub 2 drops mixed with olive oil over my stomach and within 20 minutes I feel more comfortable again.”

Lisa B. – “My favorite smell is White Angelica, which I like to use as perfume. For effect I like Raven very much. A few times now when I have felt like I have a cold coming up I apply Raven on my chest and every time it has supported my immune system to get well quicker. As I have some allergy problems I catch colds easily and they get to my chest easily, using Raven (and RC) has improved it a lot.”

Kumiko K. – “My absolute favourite is Stress Away; it’s been a lifesaver! During hectic days and nights of workshop we organised in Bangkok, me and my boss constantly reached for a bottle of Stress Away to sniff, and it brought our sanity back. It always stays in my bag. I love diffusing it while working at home. Can’t do without it.”

Maggie R. – “I put Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil into my chocolate smoothie. Not only was the taste reminiscent of my favorite ice cream as a child, the soothing effect of the Peppermint in my tummy is an added bonus.”

Samya – “Although I have many oils that I like so much, but my favorite one has to be Lavender. First time I decided to try essential oils was after having my first baby, I wanted something that is chemical free in our home but can be used for almost everything in our everyday lives. I use Lavender for my baby’s skin especially when it is winter because her skin tends to get dry, and I diffuse it everyday by itself or mix it with other oils. Lavender has helped my baby to sleep better.”

Celene E. – “Peppermint and Lavender are the oils I use when my scalp gets itchy. This stops my itch at night time and I fall asleep easier.”

Audrey B. – “I LOVE cinnamon mixed with coconut oil to stop or divert sugar cravings. Using Young Living products often reminds me that my body is a fine tuned amazing living machine: what I put into it, or on it, or smell with it, does affect the overall healthy functioning of my body – and I would rather have coconut oil and cinnamon than the detrimental effects of sugar. This combination has really helped me. Thank you!”

Cathy B. – “I’ve used the Panaway with my reiki/massage clients.The reaction has been very positive and I feel like it has really helped support people’s healing.. I also have been using Thieves regularly and have really avoided getting sick this winter/spring. I feel like the oil has been helpful at the first sign of a scratchy throat. I also have used Stress Away and Lavender in my classroom to help students with test anxiety and make my room smell a bit nicer.”

Marisa G. – “After breaking a bone in my foot I used Panaway and felt immediate relief. Stress Away also helped to give me the patience to deal with the long time it takes to heal bones.”

Jamie V. – “Stress affects me in so many unwanted ways. It also triggers my IBS. 1 drop of Peppermint Vitality Essential Oil in a glass of water is my instant relief. I also add a little Stress Away to wrists and I smell good too!”

Kelley H. – “After attending the class “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential oils” by Carolyn Mein and following her recommendations, I can resolve anything. I truly believe emotions are are at the root of everything and Carolyn Meins’ Young Living recommendations are dead on, like a gift from God.”  

Danika G. – “My favorite oil is Lavender because it helps with so many things. It calms my kids down before bed and helps me to fall asleep too. I take it wherever I travel because I can’t fall asleep without it now.”

Carolyn W. – “Imagine my surprise when my OB-GYN recommended that I use Geranium Essential Oil for a small issue I brought to her attention. Whenever I have the problem in question, I use Geranium (diluted with coconut oil) and it seems to be working great! Much prefer that to steroid creams, which were the alternative!”

Lindsy R. – “I like to use Lavender on my face at night. When I say good night to my son he tells me I smell nice and I can tell it brings him comfort. I think he will forever associate the scent with his mother’s love.”

Gayle O. – “I love Stress Away. It gives me an instant moment of relaxation from the time I place it on my wrists and inhale. I keep it close at hand through the workday and even enjoyed it on my travels.”

What is your name? Please tell me a story about an essential oil that you used. How did it make you feel? Did it help you? What is your favorite oil? You will get happy mail from me if I hear from you!




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