Aloha, sweet soul! Do you practice Yoga? Adding Young Living Essential Oils into my Yoga routine is transformational! ✨

Yoga is a practice of moving into stillness, allowing our energy to align physically so that we can access that peaceful core of ourselves that is waiting for us to sit still long enough to really get in touch with it. πŸ’–

The harmony that is achieved can allow us to glimpse a state of bliss that happens when we are completely present in the now. It is the reunion of mind, body and soul to the Divine Light. πŸ’«

Imagine accelerating that experience with the synergistic essence of plants grown with love.Β 

Essential oils combined with Yoga helps me become more present and deepens my experience of attunement and mindfulness.Β 

Asanas. Chakra balancing. Affirmations. Young Living Essential Oils.

It is magical.🌈

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