Young Living October Promo


October 2021YL Otoku-bin (ER order) campaign

Campaign period
October 1 (Friday) – October 25 (Monday), 2012

The 110PV contains Orange Blossom Charcoal Soap, which gently removes dirt and grime,
the 150PV includes “BLOOM by Young Living Collagen Complete,” which supports your beauty and health from the inside out,
the 200PV contains Blue Cypress, an essential oil that provides skin care while offering a perfume-like scent,
and the 350PV contains Ylang Ylang, which helps to boost your femininity.

Why don’t you take care of yourself with items that make your skin happy while enjoying their fragrance?


Charcoal soap that gently removes dirt and grime

オレンジブロッサム チャコールソープ 85g

For those who achieved over 110PV of YL Otoku-bin (ER order) during the campaign period will receive “Orange Blossom Charcoal Soap 85g”

A charcoal soap formulated with activated charcoal* as its main ingredient to cleanse and remove dirt.

With the refreshing scent of orange blossom, it can be used for both face and body.

Lavender, patchouli, rosemary, and lemon essential oils are also added to make this soap gentle on the skin.
*Charcoal (adsorbent)


BLOOM by Young Living Collagen Complete
will lead your health and beauty

BLOOM by Young Living コラーゲンコンプリート

For those who achieved over 150PV of YL Otoku-bin (ER order) will receive ” BLOOM by Young Living Collagen Complete (50mL x 10)”

Every bottle of Collagen Complete carries 10,000mg of marine collagen which can be digested and absorbed easily.

There are wolfberry, coenzyme Q10, Jasmine green tea extract, vitamins and minerals, as well as Young Living’s premium essential oil.

Refreshing tastes that you would want to take them every day.


Skin care that embraces you with a perfume-like scent

ブルーサイプレス 5mL

For those who achieved over 200PV of YL Otoku-bin (ER order) during the campaign period will receive “Blue Cypress 5 mL”

Blue Cypress, also known as Australian Cypress, is characterized by its beautiful blue color.

Young Living’s Blue Cypress is grown and distilled in the Australian Outback Botanical Reserve and Distiller.

It has a deep, sweet scent that can be enjoyed as a perfume.

It promotes the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

Best serve you when you want to feel relaxed, before going to bed, and during meditation.


Your best partner who will upgrade your femininity

イランイラン 5mL

For those who achieved over 350PV of YL Otoku-bin (ER order) during the campaign period will receive “Ylang Ylang 5ml”

Young Living’s Ylang Ylang is sourced from farms in Ecuador and Madagascar.

Often used in perfumes, skin, and hair care products for its romantic gentle floral fragrance.

Suggested to use when you want to feel happiness, as well as to enhance your feminine beauty.

*  Please note that the product is subject to change without notice if high-quality materials are not available due to weather or growing conditions

*  If a person who registered with YL Otoku-bin order after October 26th, 2021, they will receive the November promo gift item

*  The promo free gifts shall not be returned or replaced, except for a damaged product

10% OFF in October | October 1st (Friday) -October 15th (Friday) | Bright care series that leads to bright and radiant skin with smooth texture

BLOOM by Young Living Skin Care Series 1st Anniversary
Bright Care Series that leads to bright and radiant skin with well-textured texture

We have a selection of recommended items for skincare at the turn of the season, sports season, and body care after exercise.

Due to its popularity, it will continue in October!

BLOOM skincare series that approaches the natural beauty of the skin while retaining the blessings of nature.

In commemoration of the 1st anniversary of the release, it will be available at 10% OFF in October.

By blending naturally derived essential oils and plant-derived stem cell extracts * 1, it moisturizes the skin that has been
damaged * 2 and leads to bright and radiant skin * 3.

All products
are luxuriously blended with essential oils such as Blue Cypress, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Jasmine, Geranium, and Young Living Sacred Frankincense.

* 1 Madonna Lily leaf cell extract (moisturizing ingredient) / * 2 Dryness due to external factors such as ultraviolet rays / * 3 Smooth skin due to moisturizing effect


10% off campaign period

Bright CleanserBright Cleanser 100mL
BLOOM by Young Living

Cleans up makeup and dirt, leaving bright, glossy skin without dullness *

BLOOM by Young Living Bright Cleanser 100mL

A face wash that is smooth and comfortable to wash. Gently removes makeup and dirt, and cleans and clears the skin.

By removing dirt, it leads to the original clear brightness of the skin.

* Dirt and old dead skin

Product number: 30287D

PV 31.50
Sharing member price: 5,005 yen
Shopping member price: 6,600 yen

Bright EssenceBright Essence 140mL (Toner)
BLOOM by Young Living

Balances the skin and makes it moist and bright

BLOOM by Young Living Bright Essence 140mL (Toner)

A thick gel-type lotion. Moisturizes and moisturizes the skin after cleansing.

While adjusting the balance and texture of the skin, it leads to the skin that feels the original brightness and luster of the skin.

Product number: 30314D

PV 43.20
Sharing member price: 6,820 yen
Shopping member price: 9,020 yen

Bright LotionBright Lotion 50mL (Essence)
BLOOM by Young Living

Protects against external damage * ¹ and prepares bright and radiant skin.

Bright Lotion 50mL (Essence) BLOOM by Young Living

A beauty essence that gives your skin firm moisture with a light feel.

The action of the naturally-derived essential oil component * ² protects the skin from external damage * ¹, leading to bright, even, and smooth skin.
(* ¹ Dryness due to external factors such as ultraviolet rays * ² Skin conditioning component)

Product number: 30264D

PV 67.50
Sharing member price: 10,643 yen
Shopping member price: 14,025 yen

Cool AzulCool Azure Cream 100g

Cool down after exercise in the fall of sports

Cool Azure Cream 100g

A refreshing cream made from the refreshingly cool essential oils of wintergreen and peppermint and plant-derived ingredients.

Please use it on your shoulders, hips, and before and after exercise.

Product number: 5759D

PV 39.50
Sharing member price: 6,270 yen
Shopping member price: 8,250 yen

* To apply the 10% OFF campaign price, be sure to select and use the number with “D” after the product number.

* The 10% off price will end as soon as the number of preparations is exhausted, so be sure to purchase by YL discount flight as soon as possible.

In addition, we will deliver 946 ml of Sieves Hand Soap Refills at 20% off only in October.