Young Living June Promo

6月1日(火)~6月25日(金) YLおトク便限定キャンペーン|恵みの雨の季節に。

June 2021 YL Otoku-bin (ER Order) Campaign

Campaign Period
From June 1st (Tuesday) to June 25th (Friday)

June is the rainiest month of the year.

Although the gloomy weather may rub off on us,
it is also the season where the blessings of rain are felt, and the greenery becomes thicker.

For 110 PV and 350 PV, we are offering items to keep you feeling fresh this season, and for 200 PV,
we offer massage oil to prepare for summer.

In addition, for the month of June, we have an additional gift for 150 PV – the popular BLOOM Collagen Complete!
The June YL special offers are sure to appeal to everyone.

For Fresh Breath, Use Thieves Mouthwash!


During the campaign period, YL Otoku-bin 110PV or above will receive “Young Thieves Fresh Essence Plus 236mL”!

Refresh your mouth from the inside out!

Rinsing your mouth with Fresh Essence Plus will help keep your entire feeling mouth clean.

Young Thieves has a spicy-sweet taste, and spearmint has been added to make your mouth feel cool and refreshed.

For June, we have prepared a special giveaway for 150PV!
BLOOM by Young Living Collagen Complete – Healthy and Beautiful



During the campaign period, YL Otoku-bin 150PV or above will receive complimentary “BLOOM by Young Living Collagen Complete (50 mL X 10 bottles)!

Each bottle of Collagen Complete contains 10,000mg of marine collagen, which is easily digested and absorbed by the body.

It also contains wolfberry, coenzyme Q10, jasmine green tea extract, vitamins, and minerals, as well as Young Living’s high-quality essential oils, and has a refreshing taste perfect for daily enjoyment.

This product supports your beauty and health from the inside out.

A gift of massage oil perfect
for pre-summer body care


During the campaign period, YL Otoku-bin 200PV or above will receive “C-L Magic Massage Oil 236mL”!

This body massage oil is ideal for firming the skin.

It is a blend of five essential oils – grapefruit, cypress, cedarwood, juniper, and clary sage – that will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple.

A gift of blended essential oil with a refreshing aroma
that will bring you closer to aromatherapy


ヤング アロマライフ 15mL

During the campaign period, YL Otoku-bin 350PV and above will receive “Blended Essential Oil Young Aroma Life 15mL”!

Young Aroma Life is a clean and refreshing blend of the well-matched aromas of cypress, helichrysum, marjoram, and ylang-ylang.

As the name suggests, it is a blend of oils that you can use as an opportunity to add aroma to your daily life.

* Please bear in mind that the promoted products may be subject to change without notice if high-quality materials are unable to be procured because of weather, growing conditions, or other factors.

* New users who register after June 26, and are eligible for YL Otoku-bin gifts, will receive July’s gifts.

* Please note that gifts can not be returned or exchanged unless they are defective. Please understand that we do not accept returns or exchanges.

6/1(Tue) 9:30 ~ 6/15(Tue) 10% Off Promo|Take daily care of your scalp, and your hair will be shining and beautiful.

The key to beautiful hair is controlling oily skin on your scalp.
Take daily care of your scalp,
and your hair will be shining and beautiful.

Do you have long hair? Or short hair?
Do you feel confident about your current hairstyle, no matter how long it is?
For all of us, it is inevitable that our hair will change with age.
But the truth is that with just a few adjustments in your daily hair care routine,
it is possible to keep your hair in good condition?
Because we use shampoo and conditioner every day,
it’s crucial to choose products wisely and focus on quality.

Campaign Period 6/1(Tue) ~ 6/15(Tue)

Daily shampoo and conditioner for the whole family.

This shampoo and conditioner duo gently soothes the scalp, cleanses the pores, and leaves damaged hair neat and manageable.

Discounted Lavender Mint Shampoo

Discounted Lavender Mint Shampoo

Blend Contents: Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint

Volume: 295mL
Product Number: 5191121D
PV 18.00
Sharing Member Price: ¥ 2,915yen
Shopping Member Price: ¥ 3,850yen

Discounted Lavender Mint Conditioner

Discounted Lavender Mint Conditioner

Blend Contents: Lavender, Peppermint, Spearmint.

Volume: 295mL
Product Number: 5192121D
PV 18.00
Sharing Member Price: 2,915yen
Shopping Member Price: 3,850yen

The 10% off discount price will end after the stock is exhausted, so order soon through YL Otokubin.