Happy New Year! 2019 is here and we all get to start off a new year with fresh chances to make life what we want it to be. It’s always so exciting to not only see what the new year has in store for us but also to see what we can make happen with the time that’s given to us. We’re in control of our own destiny, and to me, that’s empowering and encouraging! Speaking of empowering, Young Living has a lot in store for us this year, and they’re starting it right with January’s promos. Let’s take a look at those and then I’ll tell you why they’re so exciting.

*Remember, in order to get the Essential Rewards Exclusive DiGize Vitality 5-ml and the Essential Rewards Exclusive Citrus Fresh 15-ml, you have to be enrolled in Essential Rewards (ER) and have an order that meets the PV requirements for those items. The extra bonus of meeting these PV amounts with your ER order is that you get even more ER points to spend later!

Many people’s goals in the new year are related to getting healthy, feeling better, and looking better, and these promos help tackle all three of those areas. DiGize Vitality and Life 9 can be a big help to rebooting your digestive system and promoting proper digestion. We’re all familiar with how great DiGize Vitality is, but did you know that Life 9 has specially designed special delayed-release capsules to help release its contents and get them to the far end of the small intestine & into the large intestine, ensuring that your good bacteria supplementation gets where it needs to go and isn’t wasted.

For looking good, have you added Citrus Fresh into your nighttime skincare routine? It’s important that it’s at night, because the citrus oils in it are photosensitive, so you don’t want skin that you’ve applied it to exposed to sunlight afterward, but Citrus Fresh can help smooth skin and keep it looking radiant and healthy! Longevity essential oil blend is the same blend that’s in Longevity capsules and is also available in Vitality, and it combines Frankincense, Thyme, Orange, and Clove oils that are all great for overall wellness, but did you know that you can add a drop to some carrier oil or one of your nighttime moisturizers to help with healthy looking skin? Keep in mind, Thyme is hot oil, so you’ll want to make sure you use it sparingly and with a good amount of carrier oil or only a drop in your moisturizer. Plus, with Orange in it, you’ll want to use it at night as well. And if you have that same blend in Vitality, you can make your own Longevity capsules while they’re out of stock in order to get all the great health benefits!

Rounding it all out, PanAway is the perfect gym partner to help ease and soothe those tired and aching muscles after you work out or do any kind of physical activity. Make it part of a post-workout massage or use it just on the areas that need it – whatever you do, you’re going to want to have a bottle or three on hand as you work on your fitness goals. So whether you’re starting new goals or keeping up the momentum from 2018, the January promos can help you start 2019 right.

Another exciting part of the new year is the Slique in 60 Challenge! Slique is Young Living’s line of products with naturally derived ingredients that can help you with your healthy weight management goals. These products, coupled with a healthy fitness routine, can really help you hit those goals and transform your whole body health this year. Check out what Young Living has to say about the contest, and if you have any questions about Slique or the contest, just let me know!

“The Slique in 60 Challenge is back for 2019! Ready to suit up and slim down? We are too! Get your 2019 off to a healthy start by competing against yourself and other participants in your gender and age group to lose pounds and inches for your shot at $3,000 USD and a NingXia Red 6-pack! The contest will begin on February 1 and run for 60 days.

Ready to join? You’ll need to purchase two Slique collections, one for each month. If you purchase the Slique Complete Kit, you’ll receive two free boxes of shakes, and with the purchase of the Slique Advanced Kit, you’ll receive one free box of shakes! Find the Slique collection that works best for you.

Keeping track of progress is important, so refer to the Slique in 60 Challenge website for the best way to keep a video diary. Also, be sure to check out the registration packet for details on tracking weight and measurements.

Looking for a little support in your Slique journey? During this time, participants can become part of an exclusive Facebook group specifically for the Slique in 60 Challenge. Here you’ll find additional motivation, support, product information, healthy recipes, and workout tips; plus you can share what’s working for you and offer support to others in the group.

Join now and start the year off feeling good!


In December, Young Living also surprised us with an awesome new product, the LavaMint Softening Foot Scrub! What better way to start off the new year than to treat yourself to a little self-care. Couple this with some of Young Living’s bath bombs or new shower steamers and you can have a mini spa day right there in your home! Take a look at what Young Living had to say about this exciting new product.

“Treat your feet with our new LavaMint Softening Foot Scrub! A night of pampering can be the best way to recharge your batteries! Take your DIY spa day from decent to decadent with our new LavaMint Softening Foot Scrub.

LavaMint Softening Foot Scrub contains a unique triple-texture, a water-activated formula that uses your body’s heat to transform the cool gel into a milky lotion. Featuring four natural exfoliants —black volcanic sand from Iceland, volcanic rock pumice from Italy, diatomaceous earth from the seas of Denmark, and coconut shell powder from France — this luxurious scrub reveals soft, silky, healthy-looking skin.

This foot scrub is rich in emollient and moisturizing properties, with glycerin and squalane to hydrate and condition the skin. The soothing Lavender scent combined with Peppermint’s cooling sensation refreshes and revives tired feet. LavaMint Softening Foot Scrub also pairs well with other spa-worthy Young Living personal care products, including Stress Away Relaxing Bath Bombs and Easy Breeze Awakening Shower Steamers, so you can spoil yourself from head to toe!

Item #: 25152

Size: 3 oz. (85 g)

Wholesale Price: $24.75

PV: $24.75

This amazing supplement just came back in stock, so let me tell you why you NEED this in your life, especially if you’re a lady who has stress and hormones. 😉

I take CortiStop during times of high stress. When under stress the body produces cortisol (the stress hormone) which when too much is produced wreaks havoc on our immune systems, contributes to fatigue, weight gain, and overall moodiness. So, what is in CortiStop that makes it so amazing? I’m glad you asked.

Pregnenolone: this is the precursor hormone from which all other hormones are created, and it’s important for the body’s production of progesterone, which blocks cortisol receptors! (This is HUGE people.)

Phosphatidylcholine: supports healthy brain function.

Phosphatidylserine: supports healthy cognitive function.

Black Cohosh Extract: supports estrogen production which helps counteract the higher cortisol levels.

DHEA: this is derived from wild yam and is another important hormone for progesterone production.

Canadian Fleabane: supports hormone function and combats high cortisol levels.

Clary Sage: supports hormone function and contains natural sclareol, a phytoestrogen that mimics estrogen function.

Fennel: combats excessive cortisol. It also supports gut health and the pancreas.

Frankincense: supports the immune system and is one of the most impactful essential oils for overall health.

Peppermint: also supports the hormones.

Okay, so after all that, what does it all mean? Well, LADIES and Gents, do you have hormones? Do you have stress? Then you’ll want to keep CortiStop handy when it is a season of high stress (like the holidays, or a new year, and anything and everything in between). When I take this, I am calm and I can notice a difference in my overall mood and health. I feel way less agitated and a little extra pep in my step.

As you start this new year, use these oils to help you get on the path you want and stay on track. Below are a couple of recipes to help keep you motivated and energized well into this new year and help you check off the things you want to get done.

Motivation in a Bottle (Roller Recipe)

6 drops Frankincense

4 drops Black Pepper

4 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce

3 drops Geranium

Add to a 10-ml roller bottle and fill the rest with a carrier oil. Apply behind the ears, on your wrists, and on the temples before tackling your goals!

Bring It On (Diffuser Recipe)

5 drops Citrus Fresh

2 drops Lime

1 drop Peppermint

I hope that you are as excited about starting a new year as I am. I’m so excited to see where this year takes us all! As always, if you have any questions or need any help, please let me know. I’m more than happy to help! Here’s to a new year, and I hope you have an incredible January!