It’s official—we’re halfway through the year! Time is flying by, but don’t let this year’s dreams slip away with it. Whether you’re working on your goals every day or your motivation could use a pick-me-up, August’s PV promotion is here to help you refresh, recharge, and recommit; so you can achieve every accomplishment you have planned!

300 PV—Retail value: $184.69

5-ml Acceptance™

  • Accept yourself for who you are while feeling empowered to be better! Apply 2-4 drops over your heart for an aroma that encourages self-worth, achievement, and self-discovery.
  • When your day throws a particularly difficult obstacle your way, diffuse Acceptance while saying a favorite mantra or quote to help you find the patience and strength to move forward.

Bamboo Oil Bar

  • Use this beautiful oil bar to store your must-have oils on your bedside table, vanity, or desk; so you can reach for them anytime you need a boost—morning, day, or night!
  • Keep a few favorite Vitality oils on the kitchen counter for easy access. The instant, fresh flavor of Vitality can help you drink more water and choose healthier food options!

15-ml Aroma Siez™

  • Stay motivated even after the toughest days. Use equal parts Aroma Siez and carrier oil and massage into the neck, chest, and temples for a relaxing reward before bed.
  • Use the fresh, herbaceous scent of Aroma Siez after a relaxing shower. Rub a few drops between your hands and massage into the scalp, neck, or shoulders for a moment of tranquillity.

15-ml Wintergreen

  • Accomplish your fitness goals with help from a rejuvenating post-workout massage. Combine Wintergreen with a carrier oil or lotion and massage into tired muscles for a refreshing pick-me-up.
  • Jump out of bed early and start chasing your dreams! Diffuse Wintergreen for an energizing aroma that can motivate you while the world still sleeps.

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Ravintsara

  • Get grounded! Diffuse this clean-smelling oil or apply it to your wrists and temples as you reflect on how you can crush your goals.
  • Take time to unwind. Hard work requires you to slow down sometimes, so spend a minute meditating with a few drops of Ravintsara applied over your heart.

Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 5-ml Spearmint

  • Start your day with the fresh, uplifting scent of Spearmint. Diffuse this minty essential oil to inspire your mood and make the most of your morning momentum.
  • A messy space encourages a messy mind. Add a few drops of Spearmint to your homemade household cleaner and wipe down counters, tables, desks, and more to refresh your home and your mental space!

Along with those incredible promos,  did you hear the exciting news?

Dream Catcher came back in stock!

There’s  so much I  could say about  how amazing this oil  blend is, but let’s take  a look at what Young Living  said about its return: “This  blend’s sweet, complex aroma has  just the right amount of oomph to  help uplift your thoughts, so you can  harness the power of positivity.

  • Starting  a new project?  Looking for new ways  to connect with your team?  Making plans for a big adventure?  Keep your bottle of Dream Catcher nearby;  the inspiring aroma can help you stay on the  path to making your own dreams come true.

Dream  Catcher  is composed  of Sacred Sandalwood,  Tangerine, Ylang Ylang,  Jasmine, Blue Tansy, Rose,  Ocotea, and other essential oils—each  sourced according to Young Living’s Seed  to Seal® commitment to purity and sustainability.

”Here’s  all the details  on ordering yourself  a bottle of this liquid  gold:

Dream  Catcher  Essential  Oil (15 ml)  

Item  #: 3330  Retail Price:  $97.70

Wholesale  Price: $74.25  

PV:  74.25  

LIMIT  1 per account  per month

Seriously,  if you or anyone  in your family deals  with bad dreams or not  sleeping through the night,  Dream Catcher is an oil you  need to try.

So  remember,  as we say  goodbye to summer  and start preparing  to get back into a familiar  routine, take the time to recharge  and focus a bit on self-care. Your mind  and body will thank you for it.

As  always,  if you need  any help or have  any questions, please  let me know. I’m happy  to help! Especially with back  to school coming up, because I  can help you get just the right  oils and products for you and your  family to make that transition smooth.  Have a wonderful August!