Young Living February Promo


Autoship limited PV campaign in February

Campaign gift oil in February is a line-up of warm fragrance from the bottom of my heart. Of course it is also recommended during romantic and passionate Valentine’s Day!

Period Covered: February 1 (Thu) – February 25 (Sun)

110PV gift oil

During the applicable period, you will receive 1 bottle of “Orange 15ml” with auto shipment over 110PV !

200PV gift oil

During the applicable period, you will receive 1 more “Ginger 5ml” with auto ship order of 200PV or more !

350PV gift oil

During the applicable period, you will receive 1 more “Young Sensation 5ml” with auto ship order of 350PV or more !
* Domestic orders of 110PV or more, 200PV or more or 350PV or more are subject to autoship/ day within the applicable period.
※ Please note that orders other than Autoship will not be eligible.

10% OFF in February

Valentine ‘s aroma perfect to up the Girls’ power  this monthIn February, you can purchase 2 products “Jasmine 5ml” recommended for women, “Tea Tree Geranium Soap” with geranium smell and cleanliness with 10% OFF ☆

Period covered: February 1 (Thu) – February 28 (Wed)

Jasmine 5ml

Product number: 356905 
PV: 68.75 
Wholesale price: 10,665 yen
Jasmine is a warm exotic floral scent. It gives you relaxation, enhances your feelings and confidence. It is also good for your skin. Directing a romantic and fascinating atmosphere, especially recommended for women ☆
※ Note: When exchanging with auto ship · points, it will be normal PV.

Tea Tree Geranium Soap

Product number: 367805 
PV: 9.00 
Wholesale price: 1,458 yen
The fragrance of sweet geranium expands softly. Keep your skin beautiful with a scent of tea tree with cleanliness and geranium.

Held all in Asia!

“APAC convention holding event commemoration sale” 15% OFF!

Period covered

February 5 (Monday) 10: 00 ~ February 7 (Wed) 18: 00※ Reception by telephone and fax until 17:00 the same day

How to order

Virtual Office (Please go from “General order” → “Select category” → “Campaign product”), telephone, fax, showroom

please note

※ When ordering, please select / use the product number with “D” at the end. Those not attached will not be eligible for sale.
* This sale is subject to the order handled at the Japanese branch office.
※ Autoship orders are not eligible. Also, it can not be exchanged at the autoship point.

Young Thieves 15 ml

Product number: 342305D
PV: 28.50
Wholesale price: 4,455 yen
Retail price: 5,886 yen

Young Living Thieves Hand Clear Gel (1 piece)

Product number: 362105D
PV: 4.25
wholesale price: 675 yen
retail price: 918 yen

Young Living Thieves Fresh Essence Plus

Product number: 368305D
PV: 9.25
Wholesale price: 1,458 yen
Retail price: 1,917 yen

Idaho balsam fir 5ml

Product number: 331405D
PV: 22.00
Wholesale price: 3,429 yen
Retail price: 4,536 yen

Citrus Fresh 15ml

Product number: 331805D
PV: 12.75
Wholesale price: 2,025 yen
Retail price: 2,673 yen

Lemon sandal wood soap

Product number: 367505D
PV: 8.50
Wholesale price: 1,377 yen
Retail price: 1,809 yen

Lavender bath and shower gel

Product number: 520205D
PV: 15.50
Wholesale price: 2,457 yen
Retail price: 3,213 yen

Young Living Sacred Frankincense 15ml

Product number: 355205D
PV: 76.25
Wholesale price: 11,799 yen
Retail price: 15,552 yen

Dessert Mist Diffuser Oil Present

Period Saturday, January 13, 2018 (Sat) 10: 00 ~ February 12 (Monday) To
Everyone who has purchased the Desert Mist Diffuser (single item),  will receive “Lemon 15ml” and “Lavender 15ml” (wholesale price 5,400 yen Equivalent) oils.  Do not miss this opportunity!